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Cyber Realm Solutions is proud to be a sponsor at the 2024 NITSL Conference!

The annual NITSL conference brings together the leaders in the nuclear utility industry, regulatory agencies and the four pillars of NITSL;  Cyber Security, Digital Controls, Infrastructure & Applications (I&A), and Software Quality Assurance, (SQA) allowing for networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the nuclear information technology community

New Orleans, Louisiana
July 15th-18th, 2024

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Utility operators know the danger posed by cyber attacks – a threat complicated by changing attack vectors, numerous regulatory requirements, and the niche expertise needed to ensure the security of your plant.

Cyber Realm Solutions is a highly adaptive team of security specialists with the regulatory and plant-based experience necessary to protect your critical infrastructure and meet relevant government regulations.

We support all aspects of cyber security program development and implementation, and we do so at less cost than hiring in-house staff with similar competencies.

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Our team has worked in nuclear engineering, digital instrumentation and controls, computer science, and control systems engineering and maintenance. We hold extensive fleet-level knowledge in cyber security training and program development, in depth protective strategy development, and regulatory compliance including:

Reg Guide 5.71
NIST SP 800-53
NEI 08-09
NEI 10-04
NEI 13-10
NRC Regulation 10 CFR 73.54